Who are YOUR Best and Worst Customer Service Companies?

poor-customer-serviceI think we can all agree that unfortunately good customer service is hard to find nowadays. Here’s my personal list of the best and worst companies for customer service.

I’d be interested to know what YOU think…

Best Companies:

  1. Korean Air
  2. Google
  3. Legoland Florida Hotel
  4. Amazon Prime
  5. Chase Sapphire & USAA Insurance (tie)

Worst Companies:

  1. Verizon
  2. Apple iTunes
  3. Walmart.com
  4. Sears
  5. US Air & United (tie)

I’d go so far as to say that we are so starved for any semblance that a company actually cares about us at all that we’ve often label what would have been considered just ‘average/basic’ customer service 20 years as ‘world class’ now. It’s a shame that it’s come to that, HOWEVER all is not lost. I would submit to you that if we can recognize those companies who provide truly good customer service in today’s world, and we give them more of our business, then we’ll be sending a powerful message to the companies that have long since stopped caring about us and only look at us as dollar signs – with any luck the bad ones will go out of business and we won’t have to deal with them anymore.


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