Small Changes Lead to BIG Results

One of my meditation mentors today wrote about this topic and I wanted to share his wisdom with you…

“Far too many people stress out when given a goal that challenges them to be more than they think they are right now. Their stress blocks the flow of their energy and leads to poor performance.”

Instead of stressing out and fearing that you’ll never be able to climb the mountain of your larger goal, why not give yourself a chance by focusing on a series of small, achievable steps along the way to your larger goal. In addition, if you use simple, clear, open-ended goals focused on constant improvement (“kaizen”), then you’ll find yourself climbing up that mountain towards  your goal without tension.


BIG steps forward are really many small improvements compiled over time.


smallgoalsWhy not try this?

Make your objective in life to be improving a little bit every single day.

Become a better YOU today than you were yesterday and your future will be brighter indeed!

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