Can Joy Come from Pain?

Today’s listen is a bit harder to grasp than most of the ones we’ve discussed together in the past, however if you take the time to really ponder this one it will surely change your outlook on life. With that in mind, let’s tackle the concept of PAIN.


I submit to you the following bit of wisdom from Kahlil Gibran who said, “Your pain is the breaking of a shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the pit of a fruit must break so that the seeds of its heart may find the sun, so you must know pain. And could you but keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, then your pain would not seem less wondrous than you joy — and you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields. Then you would watch with serenity during the winters of your grief…”

I find this quote beautiful in so many ways and I hope you can appreciate it as well. We’ve talked in the past about the Seasons of Your Life and how to learn from each of them – particularly periods of struggle (aka Fall and Winter). Gibran has taken that previous lesson and elevated it to another level by adding in the possibility of sensing the wonders of pain as well as joy. I can’t say it will be an easy task to accomplish, but my hope is that you can open your mind to this possibility and thus gain new insights about the true potential that is inside you.

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