Tough Mudder – Don’t Lose a Shoe in the Mud

Point your toes and avoid losing your shoes in the thick mud at Tough Mudder Tags: Tough Mudder “Tough Mudder 2012” “Tough Mudder Tips” “Tough Mudder New Obstacles” “Tough Mudder” “Tough Mudder Shock on the Rocks” “Tough Mudder Electroshock Therapy” “Tough Mudder Arctic Enema” “Tough Mudder Race” “2012 Tough Mudder” “Tough Mudder Worldwide” “Tough Mudder … Read more

The Best of Series

At one of our goals is to share practical solutions and honest product reviews with you so that you can make more informed decisions on how you spend your time and what you spend your money on. On this you’ll find links to learn more about our most useful tips and favorite products – … Read more

Impatience Destroys Goal Achievement – How to Deal with Impatience

Impatience, Anxiety, Fear, and other negative emotions are powerful levers that often drive us to “push for closure” on a problem before a viable solution is realistic — this forcing of the issue then typically results in a whole host of negative consequences… We fall short of our goals. We often make the problem worse … Read more

Start Here Page for That Helpful Dad

Welcome to the Helpful Dad Community If you are new to the Helpful Dad site, this page will help you get started so you can make the most of the wisdom tips on this site and improve your life faster. Hi, I’m Mike, That Helpful Dad One of my Legacy Life goals is to help … Read more