Minecraft How make a JETPACK | Mctricity Mod Showcase

Minecraft Mctricity Mod featuring How to Make a Jetpack in Minecraft! You can use this jetpack to FLY in Minecraft Survival mode – can you say, cool?

Hi, this is Jax from Jackson’s Toy Box on YouTube. In this vid, I’ll show you how to use the Mctricity datapack from the Planet Minecraft mod forum to build a jetpack. This is the COMPLETE BUILD that includes building all the required items to make AND charge the jetpack. Watch as I show you how to build a Generator, Blast Furnace, Wind Turnbine, Wind Turbine Mesh, Jetpack Controller, Jetpack Charger, and of course the Jetpack!

How to Build a Jetpack in Minecraft

Watch this vid to see how to build a Jetpack in Minecraft with the Minecraft Mctricity Mod…

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This video features gameplay mods in Minecraft Version 1.14

Download the Minecraft Mctricity Mod

Minecraft Mctricity

Minecraft Mctricity Datapack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/mctricity/

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