How to Cook Chicken on your Big Green Egg – 5 Delicious Kamado Chicken Recipes

There’s nothing like cooking chicken in the Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, or similar kamado-style grill. In this article, we’ll give you 5 different chicken video recipes to try in your kamado. Given any of them a try and become a grilling champ – whether that be in your neighborhood cooking challenge or just your family backyard.

All of the video recipes on this page have over 100k views on YouTube so you can be assured they are tried and true. Let us know which ones you try and if you have any tips to share too.

Recipe #1 – Kamado Smoked Chicken Wings

Let’s start with something easy – smoking wings on your Big Green Egg is a snap. This video from Eric C on YouTube is very helpful – it’s got over 1,000 likes on YouTube. What I love about the vid is that Eric is not necessarily a professional cook – he’s just an Average Joe like the rest of us and yet his video is full of great tips about how to smoke BBQ Wings on your Big Green Egg. Check it out.

Smoked Chicken Wing Recipe

Did you know – Eric has his own cookbook on Amazon – Recipes for Duck Lovers.

Recipe #2 – Kamado Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

If you haven’t done a rotisserie chicken on your kamado, what are you waiting for? Not only is it fun to do, but cooking a rotisserie on your kamado is perhaps the juiciest way of making chicken in your Big Green Egg. The next vid is from Kamado Joe – makers of the world-famous “JoeTisserie” rotisserie attachment – an essential kamado grilling accessory that fits the Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, and more.

Kamado Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

If you don’t have a JoeTisserie rotisserie attachment yet for your Big Green Egg, you can get one here…

TIP: Be sure to get the right SIZE for your egg, the Classic should fit the BGE LARGE, and the Big Joe size fits the BGE XL.

Recipe #3 – Brick Chicken aka Spatchcock Chicken Recipe

There’s a fellow named Malcom Reed on YouTube who runs a channel called “HowtoBBQRight” – if you have have a Big Green Egg or just like to BBQ, you need to be watching this guy – he’s got LOADS of great content on his channel and his related website. One of my fav recipes of his is this one – Malcom’s “Brick Chicken” Recipe is a twist on the standard spatchcock chicken recipe. Watch it and see what you think…

Brick Chicken Recipe

As Malcom says, “All you need is a fresh chicken, a couple bricks, and some basic ingredients to create a delicious tasting bird right on your grill.”

Do you need a good knife to slice meat and/or cut through smaller chicken bones? Check out these options…

Did you know?

Spatchcocking chicken on a Big Green Egg is super popular. Here are 2 more vids on this cooking technique that both have over 500 likes on YouTube.

The Backyard BBQ Show

Chips & Charcoal

Recipe #4 – Beer Can Chicken on the Big Green Egg

The recipe with the highest view count on YouTube on our list today is this one. It comes to us from FlamingRoosterBBQ’s channel and it features end-to-end instructions for cooking Beer Can Chicken on your kamado.

Beer Can Chicken Recipe

FlamingRoosterBBQ has the full recipe with text instructions on their website and you can find that here.

Amazon has a wide selection of beer can chicken holders, one of the highest rated, most popular beer can chicken holder is this one by Chef Steve Raichlen…

Recipe #5 – Firecracker Chicken on the Big Green Egg

Malcom Reed scores another on the charts today as his Firecracker Chicken recipe is approaching 3,000 likes on YouTube! As he says ” I use a whole chicken cut into 8 pieces (wings, breast, legs, & thighs). I like having both white and dark meat, but’s you can just use the pieces you like” when you make this chicken recipe.

Firecracker Chicken Recipe

Ideas for Big Green Egg Accessories?

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for more recipes to try in your Big Green Egg and more accessories to buy. Hopefully the chicken recipes on this page will keep you busy for while – be sure to let us know which ones you tried. And if there are recipes YOU have to share, send them our way – we’ll be happy to feature you as the source and send you a shout out.

Meanwhile, I love to shop for more accessories for my kamado and if that sounds like you, check out this page for some ideas…

Big Green Egg Best Accessories

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