Tough Mudder – Don’t Lose a Shoe in the Mud

Point your toes and avoid losing your shoes in the thick mud at Tough Mudder

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How to Make a Super Fast Protein Shake – It doesn’t get any easier!

40+ Fitness Editor Mike provides a tip on how to easily mix with just a fork the ON Brand protein with just 1 cup of milk or water. Mike recommends ON Brand Protein because it is a quality protein that is also cost-effective and EASY to mix. If you compared to GNC’s Wheybolic Extreme 60, you will find that ON Brand is just as good but much cheaper.

ON costs about $45 for a 70+ serving tub that provides 24g protein per scoop. That’s about $.65 cents per serving.

GNC Wheybolic Extreme 60 costs about $55 for a 51 serving tub which provides 20g protein per scoop. That’s over $1.05 per serving.