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Traeger Cooking Surfaces – If you’re a Traeger Grill Enthusiast, you’ll enjoy this discussion of the best COOKING SURFACE accessories to buy for your Traeger – from griddles and grill racks, from jalapeno popper holders to grilling baskets, and so much more, we’ve got you covered.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our series about the Best Traeger Brand Accessories. Other articles in the series discuss the best Traeger Accessories for Grill Add-on Parts, BBQ Tools, Pellets, Cookbooks, Cleaning Tools, Prep Tools, Spices & Rubs, and even Traeger Swag.

Traeger cooking surface

Why Add More Traeger Cooking Surface Accessories?

When you purchase a Traeger Grill, you’re buying a quality product that will give you great satisfaction for many years to come, and you can certainly enjoy it ‘as is,’ but as with any high-end grill hobby, there’s always going to me more tools you’re going to want to add to your Traeger Toolkit. It’s in this spirit that we wrote this article as we try to highlight some of the best cooking surfaces to consider adding to your Traeger Grill.

Traeger Brand Cooking Surfaces

If you want Traeger cooking surface accessories that are official Traeger Brand, this is your section. You’ll find smoke shelves, grill racks, baskets, and even a chicken stand for beer-can chicken. Check ’em out…

Traeger Brand Smoke Shelves

The 2 most popular options for smoke shelves are the Traeger BAC350 34 Series Smoke Shelf and Traeger BAC349 22 Series Smoke Shelf. Pick the one that best fits your size of Traeger.

Traeger Brand Grill Racks

Traeger’s grill racks are also size specific to your particular grill. The 2 most popular choices are the Traeger Grills 11380 Texas/Pro 34 Grill Rack and the Traeger BAC351 22 Series Grill Rack .

Traeger Brand Cooking Grates

Change out your grates with cast iron or porcelain cooking surfaces with these options.

Traeger Brand Miscellaneous Cooking Surfaces

Wanna cook beer can chicken on your Traeger? How about a pizza? Ever thought about using a grilling basket in your Traeger? What about Rib Racks and Chicken Hangers? Or maybe a griddle? Check out these options to up your Traeger Game…

Want our advice? If you can only pick one to start, give strong consideration to the Traeger Reversible Griddle (you will use it all the time!), the Traeger Stainless Steel Grilling Basket or the Traeger Rib Rack – all three are consistently the highest rated and probably cooking surfaces you’ll use a lot.

Traeger Grill 3rd Party Cooking Surfaces

If you can’t find the best Traeger cooking surface accessory from the official Traeger Brand, you’ll be happy to know there are lots of other quality alternatives. Some of our favorites are Cave Tools Jalapeno Pepper Holders, the Camp Chef Smoker Jerky Rack (it’s soooo good!), the BBQ Hack griddle (big enough for pancakes, burgers, and more), and the Bull Rack BR4 (grill, smoke, dry, and cure meats). Before you buy, just be sure these accessories will fit your specific Traeger Grill.

More Traeger Accessories

Are you looking for ideas for more Traeger accessories beyond just the best cooking surfaces to add? How about cookbooks, rubs & spices, or grill add-on parts? Check out these links…

Traeger Rubs & Spices
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