Big Green Egg Accessories – The 10 Best Accessories for Big Green Egg Newbies

Big Green Egg Accessories – Are you a new Big Green Egg Egghead? If so this article can help you. We’ll discuss which accessories are the best to buy right away so you can speed up your learning curve and make the most of your cooks on the BGE.

On this page you’ll see the Top 10 “Must Have” Accessories for your Big Green Egg — specially curated for Egg newbies.

Big Green Egg Accessories
Best Accessories for Big Green Egg

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our series focused on the “Best Accessories for the Big Green Egg.” Besides this “Top 10 List,” we also have articles about the Best Big Green Egg Cookbooks, Best Cooking Surfaces for the BGE, Best Lump Charcoal, Fire Supplies, Cooking Tools, and many more.

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1-Big Green Egg Accessories – The EGGspander

The Big Green Egg ‘EGGspander’ is a “Flexible Cooking System” and it is the #1 “Must Have” accessory for the Big Green Egg in our opinion.


Because using a Flexible Cooking System like the EGGspander will change the way you use your Big Green Egg. With a flexible cooking system you can 

  • Cook High
  • Cook Low
  • Cook both Direct AND Indirect at the same time
  • And gain a world of flexibility.
Big Green Egg Eggspander

You can shop for the Big Green Egg Eggspander on Amazon

Is there an alternative to the EGGSpander?

The Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer FCS fits BGE’s and a less expensive option to utilize a flexible cooking system in your Egg.  

2-Big Green Egg Accessories – A Kamado Cookbook

There IS a learning curve when it comes to cooking on a kamado-style grill like the Big Green Egg. Do yourself a favor and get a cookbook specifically designed for kamado grills because not only will you get some great recipes but you’ll also pick up some much-needed tips on HOW to use your BGE. Here are 3 great books to consider.

Shop our store to see even more kamado-style cookbooks.

3-Big Green Egg Accessories – Hand Protection

With temps that can reach up to 800 degrees or more, you can’t mess around when you’re cooking on your kamado grill. Do yourself a favor and get a good pair or welding gloves or some high-heat rated rubber-style hand protection. (You’ll also want a good pair of meat claws and long-handled grilling tools but that’s a whole other article).

My dad’s a retired welder (40+ years on the job) so personally I use his old welding gloves, but if you don’t have that luxury, consider some of these great options.

Shop our store to see more glove options.

4-Big Green Egg Accessories – Remote Thermometor

As fun as it is to cook on the Big Green Egg nobody wants to sit by the fire all day. You want be with friends, drink a few brews, and relax without always wondering about the temps of your meats. Having a good remote thermometer allows you to do that. The two most popular brands to consider are ThermoPro or Maverick. Here are some of their most popular models…

You’ll find more meat thermometers and temperature controls on this page too.

5-Big Green Egg Accessories – Electric Fire Starter

Sure you can use a charcoal chimney, or blow torches, or tumbleweed and those all do work, but if you want to keep it easy just use an electric fire starter – you’ll thank me for it.

Some good choices here are:

See more choices in our store.

6-Big Green Egg Accessories – Ash Basket

Why use an ash basket?

Because if you increase your airflow, you’ll get more from your lump charcoal – this means easier to reach higher temps, using less charcoal per cook, and easier cleanup. Here’s a demo vid so you can learn more…

There are a lot of options for ash baskets but the most popular by far is from 1 brand to seriously consider here: Kick Ash Baskets.

7-Big Green Egg Accessories – Pizza Stone

Who doesn’t want to cook wood-fired pizzas on their Big Green Egg? C’mon you know this is one of the reasons you bought the BGE right? Get yourself a pizza stone and give it a try. There are a lot of choices here, and you can see more pizza ovens and accessories on this page.

Stop the presses!

Pizza fans won’t want to miss this brand new accessory…The Kamado Joe “DoJoe” – it will fit BGE Large edition grills too. Here’s a vid and product link to learn more…

8-Big Green Egg Accessories – Cast Iron Cookware

We have an entire article devoted to the best ‘cooking surfaces’ for kamado grills and you’ll find lots of cast iron products in our store, but for now just know this – the stainless steels grates that come standard with your BGE are fine, but if you want to go next-level you’ll discover pretty quickly that you’re going to want some cast iron in the mix.

Cast-iron + Big Green Egg = perfect match. 

So what should you get? A large dutch oven is a great start. As is a plancha pan or even a cast-iron griddle insert.  Here’s a few to consider…

Remember, if you plan to get the Kamado Joe griddle or grates, you’ll need the Kamado Joe Flexible Cooking Rack System.

9-Big Green Egg Accessories – QUALITY Lump Charcoal

No matter what accessories you buy for your Big Green Egg or how well you manage your fire, if you don’t have quality lump charcoal to cook with, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

There’s nothing like doing everything right and then having the food taste bad because the lump charcoal you used was made with poor quality wood or too much of a particularly strong wood (like hickory).

Don’t let that happen to you — instead I’d recommend you buy good quality lump charcoal that has a mix of hardwoods that work with all types of foods for your basic cooks and then buy smoking wood chips for particular flavor profiles you want to add in later (such as hickory for chicken, fruit woods for fish, etc).

10-Big Green Egg Accessories – Rotisserie Attachment

Cooking meat on a spit. Doesn’t this look good to you?

Again we’ll turn to a Kamado Joe attachment as the best choice for your BGE too. There are JoeTisseries that fit the BGE Large or XL. Here’s an example…

And there you have it, friends, your 10 Must Have Accessories for the Big Green Egg – the New Egg Edition.

Did you find this list helpful?

Is there a ‘must have’ accessory that you think we missed? If so, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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