Tough Mudder Tips – Full Race

Are you doing Tough Mudder — watch this video to get an idea of the entire course – complete with TIPS for every obstacle! This was my first Tough Mudder back in 2011 – this video has over 750,000 views and 1500 likes on YouTube and has helped a lot of people – hopefully it will help you too. BTW, if you’re wondering that’s my friend Todd in the pic and no he did not drown in the mud – although we all sure tried! 
If YOU have a tip to share, please do so in the comments section. 
Tough Mudder is an insanley fun race – especially if you do it with friends. 
Video Key
00:05 Start
00:13 Arctic Enema
00:51 Underwater Tunnels
01:17 Kiss of Mud
02:05 Tire Pendulum
02:30 Spider’s Web
02:47 Dig vs Warrior Dash (ouch!)
02:54 Bail Bonds
03:07 Devil’s Beard
04:05 Ball Shrinker
04:22 Berlin Walls Part 1 (Short)
05:02 Water Break
05:15 Trench Warfare
06:35 Dirty Holes
07:15 Twinkle Toes
07:45 Boa Constrictor
08:45 Walk The Plank
09:35 Cliff Hanger
10:10 Jumpin’ Bales
10:20 Gator Bait
10:40 Sandwich Break
10:50 Fire Walker
11:10 Berlin Walls Part 2 (Tall)
12:00 Carry Your Wood
12:12 Funkey Monkey Bars
12:35 Just The Tip
13:00 Turd’s Nest
13:40 Everest
14:00 ElectroShock Therapy
14:25 Finish!
14:38 Our Group

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