Chapter 11 of A Life Worth Living – Angels and Demons

Chapter 11 of “A Life Worth Living – The Story of Sassy” Click here to read the earlier chapters and learn more about this serial novel Chapter 11 – Angels and Demons (The Fall, 2003) Growing up it was a running joke in my family that I had two moms — my real mother Becky … Read moreChapter 11 of A Life Worth Living – Angels and Demons

Make The Most of Your Home Base

Life Lesson #16: Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Home Friends, We talked about this a bit in Lesson #9 but it’s such an important topic that I wanted to discuss it again. With that in mind, today’s lesson was inspired by Maya Angelou who said, “the ache for home lives in all of us – that safe … Read moreMake The Most of Your Home Base

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