Review: Whole Foods Organic Bananas

Although it’s not always the case in the battle or organic vs conventional, I have to say that in this example you really can taste the difference. These organic bananas from Whole Foods are far superior to conventional bananas I’m used to from my normal supermarket (Publix). The WF ones taste like bananas used to when I was a kid – sweet and creamy (instead of bland and mushy like conventional ones taste nowadays).

Yes its 2x the price for organic but at .99 cents a lb that doesn’t break the bank and I can live with that.

Rating: 4 of 5

Note: my review is NOT sponsored. It is an honest review and the sole purpose is to help other consumers like me identify good/bad products.

1 thought on “Review: Whole Foods Organic Bananas”

  1. I bought organic bananas from Whole Foods recently, 11/8/2023, and they were organic from Mexico and they tasted like chalk, absolutely terrible ! I am done with organic anything if it’s from another country .


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