Review: Dave’s Killer Bread

I recently discovered Dave’s Killer Bread while shopping at Sprouts and I’m glad I did. I’ve tried multiple versions so far but the Good Seed Thin Sliced is probably my favorite. It’s filled with goodness – organic ingredients, lots of seeds, and no fillers. It tastes so good even my 3 yr old likes it (which is not true for other healthy bread).

One thing I really like about this bread is that it doesn’t make me tired after eating – sometimes when I eat other bread the carbs put me to sleep (seriously) but for whatever reason Dave’s gives me energy. Bonus!

Tip: I’ve seen the prices vary wildly for this bread, including some $10+ options on Amazon. That’s ridiculous because u can find it on sale in the $3-5 range.

Rating: 4 of 5

Note: my review is NOT sponsored. It is an honest review and the sole purpose is to help other consumers like me identify good/bad products.

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