Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Life Lesson #11: Do Not Be Hasty and Miss The Way

Today’s life lesson was inspired by Tony Robbins (author and motivational speaker) who once said, “If your life is worth living, it is worth recording.”


Remember Your Nursery Rhythms…

I’m sure you’ve heard the nursery tale about the race between the “Tortoise and the Hare,” right? You know the one where the rabbit races off as fast as his legs will carry him, while the turtle just plods along as slow as a snail. What happens? The rabbit gets tired and has to rest in the middle of the race, while the turtle keeps going at his own pace and eventually passes the rabbit and wins. This is the epitome of our lesson – slow and steady wins the race – and it applies to all areas of your life.



Ideas for YOU to Use This Wisdom…

  1. Want to invest your money in stocks? Sure you can choose to put it all in risky stocks that may give you the highest returns, but odds are that you will only end up losing it all. You’d be better off finding investments with less risk – even those these might not offer the highest return potential, over the long run, you’ll likely end up with more money.
  2. Going to Vegas to gamble? Well if you must, at least choose the games that give you some decent odds. Vegas is built on all the losers at high-risk, low-return games like Keno, Slots, and The Wheel of Fortune. Instead educate yourself a bit and play games like Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette – certain methods of playing these games will at least give you a fighting chance.
  3. Have to complete a term paper? Don’t do a rush job at the last minute or do some half-baked paper as soon as you get the assignment. Instead, spend a little time in research, get a plan, and do it little by little over time.

In all of these cases, slow and steady is the best method. Can you think of other examples?


But Wait, There’s More…

That quote from Tony Robbins requires a bit of follow-up. If you’ve read any of his books you’ll know that Tony often recommends you keep a journal to record your life. I’d definitely encourage you to do that. After all, you’ve heard the old adage “if we don’t learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it.” If you keep a journal you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and also take advantage of your successes. So do yourself a favor and keep a journal. Some ideas for things you might write:

  1. Ask yourself – Did I do my best today?
  2. The top 3 things you enjoyed/learned/are thankful for/etc. about the day
  3. Your hopes, dreams, and goals
  4. Little things that you noticed that made you smile
  5. What you learned from the day
  6. What you plan to do tomorrow/next week/month/etc.
  7. Whatever makes you happy!

It doesn’t really matter what you write as far as someone else is concerned, it only matters that you write what YOU care about. It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be a “dear diary” situation (although that’s ok too), instead it’s more of a journal of learning – so that you can discover what’s causing you to miss your goals (so you can stop doing it) and also what’s going well (so you can keep doing it). That’s how you live your best life possible via the slow and steady wins the race method. So good luck and start writing!


Did You Know…

Today’s lesson was adapted from a book Jax and I wrote called Diary of a Minecraft Dad

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