Kamado Joe DoJoe Pizza Accessory – Gotta Have it

Announcing the new Kamado Joe DoJoe Pizza Accessory! In this article we’ll talk why you may want the DoJoe, see how it compares to cooking on a pizza stone or the Pizza Porta, watching a vid or two that showcases the DoJoe, and finding out how much the KJ DoJoe costs and where you can buy one.

In a Hurry? – KJ DoJoe Quick Look

If you don’t want to read the reviews and tips about the new Kamado Joe DoJoe because you already know you want one and you just want to check pricing and availability we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a quick look at the Kamado Joe DoJoe…

Kamado Joe DoJoe Article Table of Contents

I. Pizza on a kamado grill?

If you’re like me, then cooking a wood-fired pizza on your KJ is nothing new – heck it’s probably one of the reasons you bought your kamado, right? After all the crispy crust, bubbling cheese, and hint of smoke are the trademarks of a kamado grilled pizza and the cravings for good wood-fired pizza never dies.

Who wouldn’t want more of this?

But do we really need yet another Pizza accessory for our KJ?

I’d wager you’ve been cooking wood fired pizzas on your kamado for years, right? If so, then you’re probably using a pizza stone or a Pizza Porta, right? Both of these are great pizza accessories for your kamado so let’s take a look at each and then see how they compare to the new Kamado Joe DoJoe. It could be that you don’t need a DoJoe…then again, maybe you do?

II. Using a Pizza Stone for kamado pizzas

If you’re currently cooking pizzas on a pizza stone then I’ll bet you have one something like this right?

If you have a pizza stone, please know that I’m NOT here to knock the Kamado Joe pizza stones because I have one too and they work great. I’ve made countless pizzas on my KJ pizza stone such as this pepperoni, mushroom, and garlic classic style…

Cooking a pizza on a pizza stone in your KJ is “Kamado Pizza 101” and I mean that in a positive sense.

Master the pizza stone on your kamado and you’ll never go hungry – unless of course you want to make more than one pie.

Then you’ve gotta deal with a few challenges, including:

  • Maintaining your temps vs lifting the lid to check your pizza.
  • Dealing with the high heat temps (550-750+) depending on your method and being on guard against a dangerous backdraft/flashback.

Because of these issues, some have opted for the Pizza Porta accessory…

III. Using a Pizza Porta for kamado pizzas

The Pizza Porta was a first-of-its-kind pizza accessory for your kamado that converted your ceramic grill into a pizza oven. The Pizza Porta looks like this…

How does the Pizza Porta work?

The Pizza Porta works by closing off the kamado chimney so you can retain the heat and keep the dome hot. The Pizza Porta door lets you control airflow for temperature control and most importantly…

Cook the top of your pizza the same rate as the bottom!

The Pizza Porta is a quality kamado pizza accessory and for years it was the best way to use your kamado to make a number of pizzas faster and more consistently vs a typical pizza stone.

Until the Kamado Joe DoJoe…

IV. Meet the Kamado Joe DoJoe

Now there is a new entrant into the market – the Kamado Joe DoJoe. To give us an introduction to the DoJoe let’s check out Kamado Joe‘s very own John Setzler talk about this exciting new tool…

Here are a couple more vids about the product…

APM Group DoJoe First Look
BBQ EC DoJoe Demo

I’m sure looking at those vids about the DoJoe has your mouth watering right? Let’s look at the key benefits of the Kamado Joe DoJoe…

V. Kamado Joe DoJoe Benefits & FAQ’s

If you’re considering purchasing the KJ DoJoe here’s what you’ll want to know…

The Key Features/Benefits of the DoJoe are:

  • The DoJoe is an authentic Kamado Joe product so you know it will fit your KJ.
  • The DoJoe is made of durable cast-aluminum.
  • The DōJoe transforms your Kamado Joe into a best-in-class pizza oven.
  • The distinctive wedge shape of the DōJoe makes maintaining steady temperatures even over the course of hours.
  • Using the DoJoe allows you to easily see and monitor their pizza as they cook. That means no more lifting the lid or looking thru the top!
  • The DoJoe has dedicated supports for the Kamado Joe Heat Deflectors and Kamado Joe Pizza Stone to ensure optimum distances between these accessories thus guaranteeing perfect crust and crisp toppings!

FAQ’s related to the Kamado Joe

  1. Does the Kamado Joe DoJoe fit a Big Green Egg? The KJ Classic DoJoe should fit the BGE Large and the KJ Big Joe DoJoe should fit the BGE XL.
  2. What temps can the DoJoe maintain? According to Kamado Joe the DoJoe should easily keep you in the 400-700F range.
  3. Does the DoJoe have a door like the Pizza Porta? No, the DoJoe doesn’t have a door like the Pizza Porta but the DoJoe wedge design is different and supposedly doesn’t require a door – much like a typical wood fired pizza oven also doesn’t have a door.

Reviews of the Kamado Joe DoJoe

At LordoftheGrills.com we believe in providing you links to reviews and product discussions from other quality sites. Here are some helpful reviews from other BBQ sites that talk about the Kamado Joe DoJoe…

VI. Kamado Joe DoJoe – How Much Does it Cost and How Can You Buy One?

Are you ready to buy your Kamado Joe DoJoe and make some awesome wood-fired pizzas? If so, check out the latest prices on the DoJoe and pick one up today…

Kamado Joe DoJoe Classic Edition (BGE Large Size)

Kamado Joe DoJoe Big Joe Edition (BGE XL Size)

Alternatively if you want to look at the DoJoe and related accessories, you can use this link…

Want more Kamado Joe Accessories?

Check out our Kamado Joe Brand Store here at LordoftheGrills.com…

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