How to Create Your Child’s Dream Book

Does your child have a Dream Book?

One of the things that is so magical about children is their sense of adventure and imagination; their imagination is without limitations. They come up with the wildest and spirited dreams and goals for themselves. Highlight their sense of adventure in this fun, literary, and historical activity by helping them create their own Dream Book.

Creating a Dream Book is a great way to spend some quality time with your child. For more fun and engaging reading and writing activities, visit my friends at who submitted this idea to us.

How to Create a Dream Book

Creating a Dream Book  – What You Need:

  1. Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Stapler

That’s it? Yup, nobody said it had to be hard. Gather your supplies and let’s focus on building that Dream Book.

Creating a Dream Book – What To Do:

The process of building a Dream Book is not hard. It starts with getting your child talking – once they begin to open up, their dreams will emerge. Here are some ideas to get the conversation started…

  • Talk with your student about her values. Which values does she treasure the most? Loyalty? Caring for others? Intelligence? Generosity?
  • What would she like to see in the world in the future (specifically, non-materialistic things)? World peace? People caring for one another? Different people having fun together?

Have her write down her answers to create a book of her dreams for her future. This is the core of the Dream Book process and capturing her dreams on paper will not only create a keepsake that you will both treasure, but it’s the first step to empowering your child to turn her dreams into reality.

Dream Book Ideas

Dream Book Discussion Starter Example

Discussion: Talk about Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

  • What was it about?
  • Are there any things your student’s dreams have in common with the speech?
  • Why was it important?
  • How did Martin Luther King Jr. turn his dreams into a reality. How can your child do the same?

Dream Book Enrichment/Variations/Modifications:

Your child’s Dream Book is only limited by their imagination – which means it has NO limits. But if you need a bit of help, consider the following ideas…

  • Talk about different dreams (goals and achievements) that people have. What do those dreams tell you about what kinds of values they treasure? What does your child treasure?

The possibilities are endless. But what isn’t endless is time – so don’t wait, get started on helping your child create their own Dream Book today!

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