Tim Ferriss Tools of Titans Book Review

If there was one current book I would recommend for productivity (on work, life, and beyond) it would be this one!

Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans has changed my life. I kid you not when I say that I’ve gleaned no less than 100+ actionable tips from! It’s amazing.

What makes this book so great is that, unlike other self-improvement books, Tools of Titans has very little fluff. Basically it’s a streamlined manual of action items on a wide variety of topics. There’s literally something for everybody – from mud racing to cooking to super productivity tips, it’s all here.

That Helpful Dad’s Pro Tip: get the kindle version – here’s why, if you highlight things to remember or add notes, you can then export the notes from the Kindle app and have them already available for followup in one place. BTW that’s a tip from this book – haha.

After reading this book I developed a few more productivity tools on my own, these include: The SMART Morning Routine, The Three to Thrive Productivity Tool, and the use of ‘energy’ coffee in the morning. All of these are directly from this book.

What will YOU discover inside the pages of Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans? It’s time to find out…

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