6 Ideas to Improve Your B2B Job Descriptions

Creating a great job description is a work of art. Just as it is important for a candidate to make a good first impression, the same goes for the company also. 

Job descriptions are the synopsis of what the job is all about. Apart from that, a job description also contains a brief description of the company. Basically, when a candidate applies for a job position in a particular company, the first thing he or she reads is the job description. 

Therefore, if you are a company and you want to recruit some new employees, then you have to make sure that the job description you are publishing is well-informed and detailed. But as a company, you might ask how we can create a perfect job description in order to attract more candidates and appropriate ones too. 

Well, that is what we are going to discuss, but there is a slight filter. What we will be discussing today is for companies who are looking for B2B profile candidates. Therefore, the tips to improve your job description will be focused on B2B profiles. So, let us begin. 

The Best Ways to Improve B2B Job Description

B2B is the abbreviation for Business to Business. B2B profiles in a company mean that the employee has to make business deals with other companies and not directly with the customers. 

This also indicates that B2B is a corporate profile. Therefore, it is important for companies to create an impressive and attractive job description. And, companies like Atdoorstep are incorporating latest and trendy updates based on B2B jobs. 

Pro tips to create a perfect B2B job description. 

1-Connect more with the Candidates 

The main role of any job description is to attract more candidates. Moreover, appropriate candidates are the perfect fit for the provided role.  But the point is, before you post a job description, there are some questions that you need to answer first, like – 

Who is the targeted audience?

This question should answer the group of candidates you are looking for, who will satisfy all the requirements for the job post. Therefore, it is very much important to do market research about current in-demand skills. 

What service does your company exactly provide?

This means that how the service provided by your company can be making a difference in society. How your company is different from competing companies. It is mandatory for every company to have a unique selling point. 

What are the benefits you are providing?

When a candidate applies for a job role, he surfs through numerous company options, for the same job profile. In case, your company is one of them, then in order to stand out among them, you have to create an attractive job description. 

Most importantly, the point candidates usually differentiate between the companies is which company is providing the best benefits for the same job role. Therefore, while making a job description you have to make sure that you provide all the points regarding the benefits and culture of your company. 

2-Give a proper Job Title

A job title is the headline of a Job description. Therefore, if you want the candidate to read the job description you have to give a proper job title. An appropriate job title tells the candidate a lot about the job profile. 

Some companies use creative job titles to attract appropriate candidates. But, this concept has a fifty-fifty chance that you will get your desired candidate. As creative names are still fine, some companies come up with some weird names which in turn confuses the candidate. 

Therefore, while coming up with a job title, you have to keep two things in mind — One, you have to step out of the traditional way to give a job title, which means you have to be creative enough with the title you choose for the job role. Second, you have to make sure that you don’t come up with a weird name that will give a completely different idea about the job description or the company. 

3-Just keep it Simple 

It is important to make sure that your job description is easily understandable and readable. Try not to use any kind of superlatives like, “the best of the best”, “world-class”, “best in the business”, etc. These superlative adjectives can scare away many candidates, especially women and freshers. 

Adding more adjectives to the job description can also determine your company’s respect and values. Therefore, it is always recommended that you should keep the job description as simple and informative as possible. 

4. Focus on Growth and Development

Job descriptions are meant for a piece of complete information, about the job profile, the candidate is applying for. Moreover, it also tells a little about the company, too. But, that does not mean that you will create a job description that will contain a long boring paragraph and some bullet points that will state the qualification details. 

If you do so, then no one is going to even read the job description. So, get this traditional concept out of your head right now. If you want to get more number of desired candidates, then you have to be more innovative with your job description. 

As for example: 

You can create three or four major subheadings. One will tell a brief introduction of your company, the second will be about the complete job description. The third subhead will contain all the information about the job role, including the day-to-day responsibilities, and lastly the qualification subhead. 

That’s it. The more short and crisp your job description is the more you will attract candidates. Talking about growth and development is very important. You don’t want to just talk about your company and the expectations throughout the job description. That will definitely make it more boring for the reader. 

For example, you should include how your company will help the candidate with his or her future and career development. Thus, these points are very much important and attract a lot of aspirants. 

Moreover, you can also include how the job role in your company will help the candidate to upgrade their skills. What kind of industry exposure, they will be getting after joining the company. 

All these points are mandatory for every job description. So, if you haven’t included these in your job description, then go and change it today. You will see the result for yourself. 

5. Culture is Everything

Talking about the job environment and company culture in the job description is an added value. And, many companies will agree on this point. Company culture is a key point that every candidate desperately looks for. 

Getting recruited into a company is like becoming a part of a new family. And, just like that whenever an aspirant applies for a job, the first question that crosses their mind is what the job culture would be like. 

Hence, if you answer this question first, in the job description, then it will be easier for candidates, and as well as you in the long run. This way the candidate will get a proper idea about the company. 

6. Create a Job Urgency

This is a trick most companies use to fill up the vacancies rapidly. Despite a real urgency, companies make their job descriptions urgent as they want the candidates to think of it as an important job. 

As a result, the companies get quick responses and have the liberty to shortlist, from a huge list of interested candidates. As a result, the job post will reach a huge pool of candidates. 


Various companies have different ways of posting their Job Descriptions, but the points we have discussed above are some positive tips and tricks every company should follow in order to gain more number of desired candidates. So, if you have a company that requires new employees, then just follow the above-mentioned tips to make an attractive and eye-catching job description. 

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