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Solomon's Wisdom

There are many places to find wisdom (family, friends, teachers, books, life lessons, and more), but one of my all-time favorites is by reading and applying the Wisdom of Solomon from his books titled Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in The Bible.

These two books are regarded by many as some of the greatest wellsprings of practical knowledge ever collected by humanity. Lots of people (myself included) have used the Wisdom of Solomon to make their lives better. I want to share some of this wisdom with you so that you can do the same.

On this page I’ll share some of my most popular articles that feature the Wisdom of Solomon. If you like them, I encourage you to share them with others too. And if you have a piece of Solomon’s wisdom to share with me, by all means, please do so –I’m always eager to learn more.


Why Pay Attention to the Wisdom of Solomon?

The answer to this question is provided by King Solomon himself right at the beginning of Proverbs when he explains that the book is…

For attaining wisdom and discipline, for understanding words of insight; for acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair, for giving prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young…”  (Prov 1:2-4)


Personally I think that’s a pretty clear message that Solomon was not just trying to collect a book of a bunch of witty sayings, but instead had a more powerful, world-changing vision in mind.

I recommend that you keep this quote in mind while we learn the Wisdom of Solomon together — after all, not only do we want to acquire wisdom and understanding, and use this knowledge to live a disciplined and prudent life for ourselves, but imagine what can happen when we follow the rest of Solomon’s directions — we can ALSO make the world a better place by DOING what is good and by GIVING knowledge to others (teaching the simple to be make better choices, sharing wisdom/guidance with the younger generation).

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