Like to Meditate? Here’s a website with 99+ FREE meditation audios

I’ve been a big believer in the benefits of meditation for over 20 years, therefore I’m always on the lookout for new tools that can help me improve my meditation experience. There are tons of apps and websites that cater to the meditation crowd now but not all are created equal. One of my new favorites is a website called “Balance In Me.”

This site has 99 FREE meditations on its home page – which is pretty amazing in my book. The meditations range from just a few minutes at a time to over 30 minutes, and cover a wide variety of interests — from simple affirmations, to guided meditations, to self-help topics (dealing with anxiety, negativity, success, etc). I encourage you to check them out for yourself.

Here are some of my favorites:

Embrace Success

Affirmations for Entrepreneurs (most of the ‘affirmations’ are by a facilitator named “Joaquin” and I have found them to be quite good)

Find Your Purpose Self-Hypnosis

And there’s so much more – including ones for kids, sleep, chakras, etc. — check it out for yourself.


Here’s a few tips that may also help you:

  1. There are numerous facilitators so find the facilitator(s) you like best – to be honest with you, there are a couple facilitators that I don’t respond well too so if you open a meditation and are immediately turned off by the facilitator’s voice, just close that out and try another. You’re sure to find some you DO like.
  2. The website also has numerous apps you can download to your phone. I actually prefer the website over the apps but that’s just me. The benefit of the apps is that they will sort the meditations by topic. So, for example, if you ONLY want meditations on a specific topic (guided meditations, sleep, anti-stress) then you might like the app for that topic alone better. If, however, you want access to all the meditations, then save the website itself on your phone.
  3. If you really love the content, there is also a blog area here: Balance in Me Blog. There’s quite a lot of good written content here as well.


Best of luck with your meditations…

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