Jax Minecraft Tip 22: So long as you have a TORCH you will never DROWN

As we’ve discussed in the past, the game of Minecraft is filed with numerous life lessons. As a result, Jax has a series on this website that is designed to share some of his Minecraft tips. These tips come from Jax’s vids on his YouTube channel (Jackson’s Toy Box) as well as the book he and I wrote called Diary of a Minecraft Dad.

jaxfaceHere’s Tip #22: “So long as you have a torch you will never drown.” 

Reason: We all know that once you go underwater, you’ll see some bubbles appear over your hunger meter and that’s how much air you have left so the longer you stay under water, the more your air level will drop – and if your air runs out completely then you’ll see your healthminecraft-torch-underwater meter drop too (that pretty much means you’re drowning and if you don’t get back to the surface soon, you’ll die!).

BUT, did you know that a TORCH can actually save you from drowning?

It’s true and here’s how it works: if you are under water and light a torch, the torch will go out, BUT a pocket of air will be created to keep you aliveSure that little pocket of air won’t last forever, but if you simply pick up the torch again you can keep lighting it and creating pockets of air indefinitely – and that will give you time to not only SEE your surroundings better but also to make a plan of escape.


BONUS: Here’s a YouTube video we made for you on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHBXH8qNWV8


So how does this Minecraft tip relate to real life wisdom?

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