Jax Minecraft Tip #18: Zombie Flesh – It’s What’s For Dinner

Here’s another post from Jax’s series of  Minecraft tips.  Be sure to read till the end so you can see how these gamer tips also apply to real life. Just a reminder – these tips come from Jax’s vids on his YouTube channel (Jackson’s Toy Box) as well as the book he and I wrote called Diary of a Minecraft Dad.

jaxfaceWhen my dad and I were playing Minecraft yesterday, as usual he wasn’t paying attention and let his hunger meter run down. He didn’t have any food, it was night outside, and he didn’t have much armor to protect himself for a foraging mission so he panicked, begging me to save him from dying. Here’s what happened next…

“Just wait at the opening of your shelter and kill a zombie, dad,” I said, “there’s a good chance he’ll drop some Rotten Flesh.”

“What do I with Rotten Flesh, son?” My dad asked.

“Ah, you EAT it.” I laughed. “Gee whiz, Dad, everybody knows that.”

Zombie Flesh – It’s What’s for Dinner

Did you know that you can eat Rotten Flesh and it will restore some of your hunger bar? It’s true. However did you also know that, according to Minecraft Gamepedia, there’s about an 80% chance you could be poisoned? Ah, that’s not good either. But then again you don’t have many options here, right?


Jax’s Bonus Tips:

There’s a lot more you can do with Rotten Flesh. Did you know?

  1. You can get Rotten Flesh from zombies, zombie pigmen, and mob chests.
  2. Rotten flesh is great for your dogs – they will never get poisoned by it and love the taste!
  3. You can trade it to the Cleric Villagers
  4. Some mods allow you to craft it into other items too.

So how does this Minecraft tip relate to real life wisdom?

Now that you know Jax’s tips for Minecraft, see how this wisdom relates to real life. Check out the Helpful Dad’s post about The Power of Planning.

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