Foto Friday: Encouragement from Seoul, South Korea

As we celebrate the Winter Olympics in South Korea, I wanted to share a pic from one of my many visits to this beautiful country. This pic was taken in the Gyeongbokgung Palace complex in Seoul and when you stand at this spot and look at the temple and the mountains it’s quite breathtaking.

Be sure to click the pic so you can see it full size for max effect.

Although I could be wrong, I believe the name of this area of the palace complex translates to “Causeway and Encouragement.”

I believe the little temple on the island is called “Kwon Wonjung” and that it was built by King Gojong.

According to the official palace guidebook, if I understand it correctly, the bridge crossing the valley setup is intended to ‘take in the mind’ by the ‘fragrance of the beauty.’ I’m sure the translation is lacking but the thought is wonderful, isn’t it?

I wonder, what could we achieve in the world if we all took a moment to appreciate the beauty that is all around us and we encouraged others with it?

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