Canine Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring AT HOME

Does your dog have diabetes? Would you like to know how to test safely and easily so that you can test your dog’s blood sugar on a more regular basis? If so, perhaps this vid will help you.

NOTE: clarification on the video. We strive to have Sassy’s Blood Sugar be between 90-150 when she is not eating and 2 hours post-meal. After meals, we test her about 30 minutes after eating and we give her an injection based on what her BS is at that time. We prefer to see her be less than 180-250 within 30 minutes post meal, but regardless we always try to match the amount of insulin we give to her based on what her blood sugar is at the time.

We have other vids on the actual insulin injection technique as well as the insulin we use for her (70/30).

PLEASE TALK TO YOUR VET BEFORE trying anything you see here.

GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS you and your dog.

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