5 Quick Tips to Get More from your Amazon Prime Membership

Summary: Use these 5 tips to make sure you are getting the most value from your Amazon Prime Membership. The 5 tips focus on:

  1. How to save money with The Amazon Warehouse.
  2. How to use an Echo Dot to stream music to your in-ceiling speakers.
  3. Using Prime Photos as a Screensaver for your Fire Stick.
  4. 5% cash back on all Amazon.com and Whole Foods purchases.
  5. Using Prime Video to cut cable re NFL Network.

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My Experience with Amazon Prime

I’ve been a prime member since the very beginning (2005) and an Amazon customer since 2002. If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’ve talked about Amazon Prime many times so I won’t rehash it all again but there are a few things I continually see people overlooking and I wanted to make sure that you know about them so you can get the full value for your Amazon Prime membership.

When most people think of Amazon Prime they just think of the free 2-day shipping and while that’s certainly a great benefit (if you order a lot of items), Amazon Prime gives you a lot more than just free shipping. You also get lots of free music, videos (tv/movies), books, and more. For the full list, visit this Amazon Prime Benefit Page. Again, we’ve talked about this already so I’m going to assume you know it and skip to the tips for today.

Get more out of Amazon Prime

1-Amazon Prime Visa Rewards

5% Cash-Back on the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card – that’s 5% cash back on ALL Amazon.com purchases and also a Whole Foods too! You can’t beat that. Also, there is no annual fee. We order everything on Amazon using this card. It’s really a no-brainer. Click the pic of the card below to learn more…

Pro Tip: Get an even bigger discount when you combo your purchases on Amazon with the Prime Rewards Visa card this AND the Amazon Subscribe & Save program. The Subscribe and Save program saves you another 5-15% off of your regularly ordered items (think toilet paper, detergent, protein, etc) and now you are talking some serious savings! To learn more about the Subscribe and Save Program click on this pic…

2. The Amazon Warehouse

Shopping with Amazon Prime is simple and efficient and (for me) faster than going to the store, but do you know about the Amazon Warehouse?  If you don’t click this pic now and learn more…

Do yourself a favor and always check the Amazon Warehouse when you are shopping on Amazon! You can find a lot of ‘like new’ items (that still carry an Amazon warranty) for 25% off or more. This isn’t junk off-brands, it’s name-brand high-quality stuff. We’ve saved over a $1,000 by using Amazon Warehouse the last couple of years and rarely have we been dissatisfied with the quality (and if you then just send it back for a full refund without questions via UPS — which Amazon will send to you for free pickup at your door).

Here’s a video I made to help you…

Things I purchased on the warehouse include my entire home theater system (Yamaha receivers, speakers, etc) and all my zone-2 speakers (bedrooms, lanai, etc), kid’s bikes, home appliances, tools, and lots more. I almost hate telling you about this tip because I’m afraid you might steal my deals! Haha

3. Prime Music

Why pay for a subscription on Pandora or use other music apps when they are free on Prime Music? Click the following Amazon Link to learn more:

Again it’s just simpler. Plus it can be an interface to also play all the music on your phone too so it’s a one-stop shop for all your music. And just to be clear, while you can pay $7.99 month for the full version of Prime Music, you can use the standard version of Prime Music for free indefinitely (it’s already included in your Prime membership). Prime Music standard has all the artists I’ve ever been looking for, all their popular songs, and you can even download them to your phone. Seriously, it’s crazy good.

Pro Tip: Connect an Amazon Echo Dot with your stereo receiver’s Zone 2 and then use the Alexa app to stream music throughout your house, patio, and more.

This is so simple. I don’t know why more people don’t do this? Why would you buy an expensive system like Sonos, etc when (assuming you already have a receiver and you already have speakers throughout your house) you can just connect a $40 Echo Dot and stream music that way? It’s another no-brainer. Here’s a link to find the Echo Dot on Amazon now…

4. Prime Video

With lots of binge-worthy tv and a variety of free movies (with options to rent/buy new ones and have them stored on your Amazon account) and you’ve got entertainment largely covered.To learn more about Prime Video, click this link…

Pro Tip #1: Did you know you can order your favorite ‘channels’ (HBO, Showtime, etc) from inside the Amazon Prime network? That means you don’t have to go hunting for your channels back/forth on TV. They’re all in one place AND this makes the process of searching to find your favorite shows even easier too. To learn more about Amazon Channels, here’s a helpful link:

Pro Tip #2: with Amazon Video now streaming Thursday Night Football you can cut/reduce the cable bill because you don’t the NFL network. Here’s a link for that too…
Stream NFL on Amazon Video

5. Prime Photos

Prime Photos is still a bit raw but I’ve found Prime Photos to be an inexpensive way to order some prints and get them pretty quickly. Plus you can use it as another auto-backup for your pics and have another location to store them in.

Click here to learn more about Prime Photos.

Pro Tip: if you use the Amazon FireStick as your streaming resource you can set up a ScreenSaver that shows your Prime Photos via an automatic slideshow too – it’s pretty cool.


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