It’s another beautiful day here in Florida. Check it out…

Even when I’m down, that view is enough to reset my Happiness Meter.

So here’s what I’m currently focused on right NOW…

Growing the Helpful Dad Community

Our group was outgrowing my former site so in Jan 2018 we moved to a new home. We’d love to have you join the community too. If you’re not already a member of the group, by all means, subscribe today (it’s free) and let’s connect. The goal is to share wisdom with each other so we can all soar to new heights – we’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Collaborating with a Blogging MasterMind Group

My experience to date with this mastermind group has been outstanding. I’ve already gained a clearer focus for my blog and recognized a key opportunity with my YouTube Channel and Blog working in tandem. I’m excited about what the future holds for myself and the other members of the group which include the founders of the following blogs:


Writing 2 New Books

I finished my first draft of The War of The Ghast. It’s the first in a book in my new fantasy series A Grim Future?

I’d welcome your feedback since I’m toying with using the idea to ‘publish’ it solely via a website in order to allow readers to go deeper into the Grim world by using the advantageous tools of a website for navigation vs a traditional book.

Click here to see this project.



I’m also in the middle of writing a non-fiction story called A Life Worth Living – it’s filled with life lessons I learned from my Yorkshire Terrier Sassy. Sassy had a difficult life healthwise, but she never complained and her perseverance and spirit inspired me. This project is about 50% done.

Webmaster for Investment Site

Michael Thomsett is America’s best-selling author of education books focused on Options investing. He’s also my friend. Together we’re launching the Thomsett Investment Guide – the goal is to educate investors like you about the equity and options market so that you’ll have the training you need to make money in the markets today…safely and efficiently. 

Husband. Father. Fotog. Friend.

Before any of the above, I focus my time and attention on my family and friends. As the father of 2 boys and a spirited Yorkie named Bella, you’ll currently find us involved in soccer, STEM projects, planning summer vacations, and more.

On the friend front, I’m actively working on defending my crown as neighborhood Chicken Wing Champ, and I’m trying to secure the additional titles of Rum God and Iron Chef – Steak Master, but the competition is fierce.

Finally, I’m enjoying the process of taking/creating photos that are inspiring – if not to others, then at least to myself. I get a lot of joy from looking at pictures like this.

I started the Foto Friday feature on this blog recently because I thought others might too.


NOW is…

Above all, I’m trying to increase my conscious awareness so that I can enjoy life in the only time we have to live it – this very moment. I’m hoping you are doing the same.