WolfWise BBQ Grill Basket – Big Enough to Use in a LOT of Ways

This is my preferred Grill Basket – particularly for my Kamado Joe.

I like the WolfWise BBQ Grill Basket specifically because of the following:

  1. You can expand the size from thin, medium, to wide – this flexibility allows me to cook a wide variety of foods like fish, veggies, and even chicken or steaks.
  2. The handle is both long AND removable – this means I can use this basket inside my kamado (even with the lid closed) yet keep the handle outside (so it stays cool).
  3. It’s easy to clean.

I looked at a lot of different grill baskets before deciding on this one and I’m glad I chose the WolfWise one. It’s well made.



WolfWise BBQ Grill Basket with Removable Handle

Taking your grilling skill to the next level with this easy flip WolfWise BBQ Grill Basket. The foldable and lockable design enables you to lock the foods in place and flipping it a breeze. It’s ideal for cooking fish, vegetable or other delicate foods that may be falling apart on the grill when flipping.

The WolfWise BBQ Grill Basket is constructed with food-grade 430 stainless steel for lasting quality and easy to clean.

Features a REMOVABLE extra long Handle and to keep your hand from the heat source. This makes it the perfect addition to your Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, and more.

BONUS – the large cooking surface on this BBQ grill basket able to accommodate foods for 3-4 people at once.

Here is a link to find it on Amazon