Premier Specialty Brands KJ23RHC Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill, Blaze Red


406 sq. in total cooking surface
Built in thermometer.
225 to 750 Degree cooking range


Kamado Joe, 18″, red, classic ceramic Kamado taste grill with metal cart, 406 sqin total cooking surface, Inbuilt thermometer, 225 to 750 Degree cooking vary, aspect shelves, divide & overcome versatile cooking system, comprises multi-purpose stainless-steel rack, 2 each and every 304 stainless-steel halved grill grates, 2 each and every ceramic halved warmth deflectors, patented slide out ash drawer & locking wheels.
406 sq. in total cooking surface
Inbuilt thermometer.
225 to 750 Degree cooking vary
[amz_corss_sell asin=”B01INNA89S”]

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