Book – Smoke it like a Pro for Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, and More

I learned so much from this book for my kamado cooking. Besides no less than 20+ recipes I actually use, this book taught me the following better than any other book so far…

  1. Best Practices for controlling the temp on the kamado
  2. Different ways to make the most of wood chips
  3. How to use a Dutch Oven to safely FRY inside your kamado

This book has my go-to recipe for getting a great sear on the steak without burning it, bacon candy, Nashville fried chicken, fried pickles, pork cracklins, some great desserts, and so much more.

It’s one of my TOP 3 Best Books for Kamado Cooking!


Smoke it like a Pro Amazon Description:

In Smoke It Like a Pro, barbecue pitmaster, Eric Mitchell, teaches you how to smoke, grill, roast, cure, fry and sear unbelievable, melt-in-your-mouth barbecue dishes on your Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, and other kamado style grills. These recipes will blow your competition out of the water and make you the talk of the block.

He is a certified Kansas City Barbecue Society judge and was the director of the New England Barbecue Society for three terms. He has competed at both the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Barbecue Invitational and the American Royal Invitational using his seven Big Green Eggs®. With his help, you’ll learn to make barbecue staples like a perfectly seared steak and competition-worthy smoked pulled pork. Plus, you’ll get one-of-a-kind showstoppers, like Eric’s Maryland-Style Pit Beef, Coffee-Encrusted Lamb Chops and Bourbon Moxie® Meatballs. Along the way, Eric walks you through the ins-and-outs of the Big Green Egg®, Kamado Joe, other ceramic cookers, sharing lessons that will improve every meal you cook outdoors.

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