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Coronavirus Updates – This page is updated daily with news. The situation with the pandemic COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus, AKA as Coronavrius 2019-nCoV, AKA SARS-CoV-2) continues to change rapidly as new info emerges. Because there is no much misinformation out there, I decided to start a Coronavirus Thread on as a place to gather what I see as credible information from what I believe are trusted news sources such as Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Johns Hopkins University, BBC, U of Michigan Medicine, WorldOMeter, Wikipedia, Our World in Data, National Geographic, Live Science, NY Times, NPR, Reuters, Washington Post, 60 Minutes, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University, US Dept of Education, US State Dept, National Education Association, Harvard Business Review, US Dept of Commerce, and many more.

If YOU have a link to suggest, please add it to the comments below so we can review and potentially add to this page too. Shout out to Tim Ferriss for starting this idea.

Mike, That Helpful Dad

Hi, I’m Mike, That Helpful Dad. I am not a doctor, financial adviser, etc and I am not attempting to give medical, financial, or any other advice. I’m just an Average Joe who likes to curate interesting content and share it with my readers on this website. In this case, I’m collecting COVID-19 news links for use by my family and storing the info here. I am making this page available to my readers to use the info as you see best.


Want to visually see MAPS of Coronavirus cases in the World, USA, or even your local area? Check out these Coronavirus Trackers…

coronavirus map
Click this pic to access real time Coronavirus Map

COVID-19 Medical Basics (What is Coronavirus?)

Want to better understand what the Coronavirus is from a medical or basic background info standpoint? Here are some great resources.

Coronavirus Medical Testing, Symptoms, Transmission Rates

Want to know about Coronavirus testing, or what are the common symptoms of the Coronavirus, or about COVID-19 Transmission & Mortality Rates? All that is here…

Coronavirus vs Flu vs Cold vs Allergies

How does the Coronavirus Compare to the Flu or Common Cold? Find that info here…

Coronavirus vs Flu Symptom Chart
Ref: Irish Sun

Coronavirus Patient Stories

Read or watch personal stories from survivors of the Coronavirus here…

Coronavirus – Search for a Cure

Is there a cure for Coronavirus? Not yet, scientists are actively working on potential drug treatments to help patients with Covid-19 as well as possible vaccines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the future. Because there is so much information, we have created a separate page to track this content. Click the pic to visit this page…

Click the pic to learn more.

What is #FlattenTheCurve?

Wanna know what the # FlattenTheCurve means? You’ll find that here.

U of MI Medicine

Coronavirus News Trackers (Continual Updates)

Want links to Coronavirus News Pages that are constantly being updated? Find that here…

COVID-19 News Articles (Specific, Interesting/Helpful Journalism Articles)

What about long-form articles about capture interesting stories about The Coronavirus? Find that here…

Coronavirus Podcasts & VIDEO

Wanna listen to a podcast or radio show about COVID-19? Or how about watching YouTube Vids – here are some links for that too.

Coronavirus Preparedness Links

Trying to prepare your family to protect yourself vs Coronavirus and looking for some tips on COVID-19 Prepping? Find that here…

Coronavirus and School Safety Links

Concerned about what the impact of the Coronavirus will have on the US School System? Here are some helpful links…

COVID-19 Travel Safety Links

The Coronavirus has devastated travel. #StayHome is a real thing to help us mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, but if you must travel, you’ll benefit from these Coronavirus Travel Tips…

Coronavirus Economic Impact

We haven’t even begun to see the economic impact of all the lost business that is happening now because of the Coronavirus. World economies may take some time to recover – what does it all mean for YOUR family’s finances? Read these articles to learn more…

What Else Do YOU Want to Track on Coronavirus?

Suggest it in the comments below…

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